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Siena Poll Shows Unprecedented Levels of Support for Enacting Reproductive Health Protections in Gov’s Women’s Equality Agenda

Statement from the New York Women's Equality Coalition:

Statement from the New York Women’s Equality Coalition:

A Siena Poll released today shows that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support updating New York State law to protect women’s reproductive health decisions. The poll found that 80 percent of New Yorkers agree that New York should enact a law “protecting reproductive freedom for women, ensuring a woman’s right to make private health care decision regarding pregnancy.” This overwhelming support for making New York law consistent with Roe v. Wade and current medical practice in the state demonstrates increased public support now that the Governor has made the proposal part of his Women’s Equality Agenda.

Moreover, strong majorities support this proposal across party, gender, religion, region, ethnicity, and age. This measure is supported by 88 percent of Democrats, 66 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of men, 85 percent of women, 72 percent of Catholic voters, 85 percent of Jewish voters, 80 percent of Protestant voters, 93 percent of liberals, 83 percent of moderates, 64 percent of conservatives, 87 percent of New York City voters, 79 percent of suburban voters, 75 percent of upstate voters, 79 percent of white voters, 90 percent of black voters, 85 percent of Latino voters, 87 percent of voters 18-34, 78 percent of voters 35-54, and 79 percent of voters 55 years and older.

Previous polling conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, Lake Partners, Global Strategy Group and Hart Research, all conducted independently over the last five years has shown at least seven in 10 New Yorkers want our state laws to fully protect a woman’s right to make reproductive health decisions. With eight in 10 New Yorkers now supporting this proposal, it’s extremely heartening to see that voters wholly embrace the Governor’s leadership in advancing women’s equality. With the governor, a coalition of more than 500 religious, civil rights, medical, business, labor and women’s organizations, and an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers all in support of this agenda, we are confident that this is truly the year that New York will stand up for women’s equality by passing this sweeping agenda.

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