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Critical Conditions: How New York’s Unconstitutional Abortion Law Jeopardizes Women’s Health (2017)

Critical Conditions:

New York’s abortion law has been unconstitutional for over four decades. Left unchanged since before Roe v. Wade, the state law criminalizes abortion after 24 weeks unless it is urgently needed to save a woman’s life.

It allows no exceptions to protect a woman’s health or if a fetus is not viable.

Critical Conditions shares the stories of New York women who have faced the consequences of the state’s failure to comply with Roe v. Wade, including a woman whose cancer worsened with pregnancy, a woman whose fetus could not survive yet faced $25,000 in costs for abortion care, and a woman who was prevented from waiting for conclusive medical results before making a decision.

These women deserve medically appropriate care, not criminal penalties.

It is time for New York to step up and lead the effort to protect women’s health and futures. New York must amend its laws to ensure that a woman can access the care she needs.



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