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Legislative Memo: Letter to Assembly on Same-Sex Marriage Rights

New York State Assembly
Albany, New York

Dear Assembly Member:

The NYCLU strongly and unequivocally supports A.8590 that would amend state law to recognize of the right of same-sex persons to enter into marriage.

For half a century the NYCLU has been a preeminent advocate on behalf of New Yorkers’ civil rights and civil liberties. The right of same-sex partners to marry and, more broadly, all the rights and liberties of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender persons are core concerns of the NYCLU’s nearly 50,000 members. Today, in 2007, we have arrived at an historic moment in which there is growing awareness statewide – both in our communities and at the Capitol – that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is irrational, cruel and unjust. This injustice has gone on long enough. Until New York recognizes the civil marriage of same-sex couples, the rights and liberties promised in the federal and state constitutions are diminished for us all.

To continue the NYCLU’s long history of advocacy in support of same-sex marriage, we are proud to be collaborating with the Empire State Pride Agenda to increase public and legislative support for marriage equality and the rights of New York’s LGBT community. Legislative Advocate/Field Organizers have been strategically partnered with NYCLU Chapters around the state and are working aggressively on outreach and public education, and direct advocacy with state legislators.

It is our hope that this work, in conjunction with the efforts of the greater advocacy community and dedicated legislators, will soon result in marriage equality for all New Yorkers. As it has many times before, New York must take the lead in supporting fairness and equality for all of its residents. We applaud Governor Spitzer for showing such leadership, and urge the Assembly to do the same.


Donna Lieberman
Executive Director

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