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Education and School Services in New York During COVID-19

On March 15 Mayor de Blasio announced the shutdown of New York City schools, effective Monday March 16. On March 16, Governor Cuomo announced the shutdown of schools statewide, effective Wednesday March 18. Students, teachers, and families were immediately swept into one of the most significant and challenging experiments in education in generations. City, state, and district administrators and educators have made tremendous efforts to support the transition, but many families and school employees report that remote learning has been immensely difficult. Families lack adequate internet access, laptops or tablets for each child, predictable access to teachers, and information about grading and accountability. Students with disabilites and those who are learning English have struggled to get the support services they need. 

This resource contains topline results from an anonymous survey created by the New York Civil Liberties Union using PaperSurvey, to gather information on how schools and districts across New York State are handling education and providing services during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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