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Justice & Common Sense: Immigration Reform for New York (2009)


Americans across the political spectrum agree that our nation’s immigration system is broken. Up to one million undocumented immigrants in New York State are trapped in a system that makes it almost impossible to obtain lawful status, even if they have lived here since they were children, have paid their taxes, or have children who are American citizens. There is a human rights crisis in New York and across the United States—immigrant homes are raided; hundreds of thousands of people are detained, some indefinitely, in inhumane conditions and without medical care; and unscrupulous employers prey on the undocumented. Our immigration system is so flawed that even documented immigrants regularly suffer from many of these problems. The situation is too dire to continue to ignore. Congress must adopt practical solutions to fix our immigration system and uphold our nation’s values. All Americans’ rights and liberties are at stake.

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