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Testimony on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Confidentiality

The U.S. has long pinned its hopes on emerging from the coronavirus pandemic on the development and distribution of an effective vaccine. And, with COVID-19 vaccine companies concluding phase 3 studies on two vaccines, reporting over 90% effectiveness at stemming coronavirus symptoms in adults, and submitting applications for emergency use authorization to the FDA, many New Yorkers are beginning to hope that we will soon put the pandemic behind us. Still, 24% of New Yorkers statewide say they are unlikely to take a coronavirus vaccine. And even for those who seek to be vaccinated, many challenges remain. The City Council must do everything in its power to ensure not only that all New Yorkers who want to be vaccinated can get the COVID-19 vaccine, but also that all New Yorkers both are and feel safe doing so. This testimony articulates three challenges the City Council must keep front of mind: vaccine confidentiality, vaccine distribution mechanisms, and equitable, culturally competent vaccine distribution.

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