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Celebrating New Yorkers’ Freedom to Marry

On Sunday, July 24, same-sex New Yorkers were finally able to get married. We were there to see the first newlyweds and asked them how they felt about their big day and celebrated spending the rest of their lives together.

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We congratulate all of New York’s new married couples and are thrilled that our state is finally allowing all loving couples to get married. But the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) means that these marriages are still denied federal respect. Tell Congress to pass the Respect for Marriage Act which would repeal DOMA in its entirety, as well as provide all married couples certainty that regardless of where they travel or move in the country, they will not be treated as strangers under federal law. This legislation would return the federal government to its historic role in deferring to states in determining who could marry and be considered married. Take action now!

Download our publication Know Your Rights: Frequently Asked Questions about New York’s Marriage Equality Act (2011)

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