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DASA in Action | Fact Sheet

School can become a nightmare for students who face daily harassment and taunting. DASA would prohibit harassment and discrimination in New York City Public Schools, including on school premises, school-sponsored events and public transportation to and from school. Passed by the City Council in 2004, Mayor Bloomberg and DOE Chancellor Joel Klein still refuse to enforce this law.

Under DASA:

  Students and staff would be protected against harassment based on actual or perceived race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability, sex, gender identity and expression, family composition, economic circumstance, physical characteristic, medical condition or school performance.
  All teachers and staff would receive regular, mandatory anti-harassment training to properly address issues of harassment and discrimination.
  Students would receive presentations designed to discourage harassment.

DASA Brings Accountability


  Incidents reported to the DOE will be tracked centrally, including by school and type of harassment.
  A annual summary of these incidents will be provided to the public and published on the DOE website and included in a schools annual report card.



Harassment incidents will be tracked for follow up and a simple complaint process will be provided for parents and students.

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