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Military Myths

You have the right to know all the information before making a decision to enlist.

  1. Money For College

    95% of veterans pay a nonrefundable $1,200 contribution to qualify for benefits and only 8% use their whole benefit. Over half of veterans never get to use their benefits. Why?

    30% denied flat out money:

    1. Didn’t complete full period of enlistment
    2. Given something other than honorable discharge i.e. “General discharge under honorable circumstances”
      • Record satisfactory but not sufficiently meritorious to warrant an honorable discharge
      • Being seen as a “slacker”
      • Not paying child support
      • Talking about being gay

    21% never get to use their money before 10 year limit is up, for a variety of reasons:

    • Have to get job back home, GI Bill doesn’t pay enough of cost of school or provide living expenses, host of medical

  2. Job Training

    Veterans aged 20-24 are unemployed at almost twice the rate of their peers who didn’t enlist.

  3. Concerns for Women

    28% of women veterans said they were raped while in the military. Only 1 out of 4 reported the assault to a superior .

  4. Health Concerns

    • 1 out of 5 recent veterans has a service-related disability
    • At least 40% of Veterans are suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress or other mental health problems.
  5. Equal Opportunity

    Two gay military personnel are discharged nearly every day under “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

  6. Path to Citizenship

    There is no citizenship promise with military enlistment; the standard waiting period is shortened to APPLY for citizenship. It is not guaranteed.

  7. Delayed Entry Program

    If you change your mind, you do not have to go. The Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program is a recruiting tool used in many high schools to get students to sign up before they are legally eligible to enter into active duty. All a student has to do is write a letter to the “Commander” at the recruiting station telling them they changed their mind. For questions, or if any issues arise,
    call the GI Rights Hotline at 800.394.9544.

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