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Protect Your Privacy: Help Pass the New York State Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Existing privacy laws require the police to get a warrant before searching your photos, files, letters and other physical documents. Now that technology has advanced, state laws need to be updated to require the same warrant protections when the police want to track your phone or read your emails, text messages or other digital documents. The New York State Electronic Communications Privacy Act (or “NY-ECPA”) will require the police to get a warrant from a judge before they can snoop through your digital life and will protect New Yorkers from unjustified government access to their mobile devices, email, text messages, digital documents, social media, metadata and location information.

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NY ECPA (A1895A/S6044) is supported by National and Local leading technology companies and organizations:
Access Now
American Library Association
Brennan Center for Justice
Bronx Defenders
The Center for Democracy and Technology
Communities United for Police Reform**
The Constitution Project
Council on American-Islamic Relations New York Chapter (CAIR-NY)
Defending Rights & Dissent
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Facebook, Inc.
Internet Association*
The Legal Aid Society
Media Alliance
The Muslim Solidarity Committee
National Center for Lesbian Rights
New York Civil Liberties Union
New York Tech Alliance
Project Salam
Pride Center of the Capital Region
Restore the Fourth NY
Tech NYC
Tech Freedom
Tech Net
The Tenth Amendment Center
Westchester Coalition Against Islamophobia
*Internet Association’s Memo of Support includes independent support of the following companies: Dropbox, Facebook Inc., Google, Reddit and Snapchat.
** Communities United for Police Reform includes over 50 organizations listed here.

Updated: June 5, 2017

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