Nassau County Police Department - Transparency Database

Based on information we've gathered, we have found that the Nassau County Police Department:

  • Repeatedly resisted our Freedom of Information Law request to access public records. It took three appeals before we were given public information.
  • Uses automated license plate reader software that allows data sharing with the Suffolk County Police Department, New York State Police, Philadelphia Police Department, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program, a Maryland data fusion center, and other agencies.
  • Used a racially insensitive, single-letter coding system to track demographic information on its officers: B, H, I, W, and Y. The Department confirmed that “Y” stood for “yellow,” and was meant to account for Asian personnel.
  • Was unable to provide any data on stops, enforcement of low-level offenses, or statistics related to officer training.

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Departmental Policies and Data:

Department Diversity

Enforcement of Low-level Offenses

Equitable Policing

Police Misconduct

Stops, Field Interviews, Search and Seizure

Surveillance Technology

Use of Force

Documents received by June 2017.

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