Buffalo Police Department - Transparency Database

Based on information we've gathered, we have found that the Buffalo Police Department:

  • Resisted efforts to provide basic information on police practices. The NYCLU had to bring the Buffalo Police Department to court in order to get responses to the overwhelming majority of our public information requests.
  • Initially tried to hide use of force reports by claiming that state law made that information secret as part of its officers’ personnel records. We fought back in court to obtain the information.
  • Uses language in a section on “Constitutional Guarantees” suggesting that constitutional rights only extend to “citizens.” The New York and U.S. Constitutions protect citizens and non-citizens alike.
  • Did not appear to have any policies specifically addressing bias-based profiling by its officers.

You can learn more about the policies by clicking the links below.

Departmental Policies and Data:

Enforcement of Low-level Offenses

Equitable Policing

Police Misconduct

Stops, Field Interviews, Search and Seizure

Surveillance Technology

Use of Force

Documents received by July 2016.

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